Umanis, a long-standing MoovOne partner, trusts collective intelligence to face the Covid-19 crisis

Learn how Umanis implemented group coaching sessions to identify concrete short-term solutions to their common stakes

About Umanis

Since 1990 Umanis offers expert digital solutions on 4 areas :

  • Data
  • Digital Experience
  • Infrastructure & Cloud
  • Business Process

With 20 offices in France and 3,000 employees, Umanis works with companies in France, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Morocco.

Umanis and MoovOne: a long-standing relationship

Umanis has been one of MoovOne’s most loyal and long-term partners.

In 2015, when MoovOne was just starting out, Umanis’ CEO, Laurent Piepszownik, mentored its founders, Hugo, Axel and Alain Manoukian. He was also personally involved in the start-up’s incubation.

As Umanis sought to address key issues related to employee development, it soon became one of MoovOne’s first clients.

3 years of coaching

HR development is one of Umanis’ core values. Before it began working with MoovOne, the company already provided individual face-to-face coaching sessions for its employees, who saw them as a valuable opportunity.

In 2018, driven by its exacting standards, Umanis embarked on the digitization of its HR development and coaching with MoovOne.

Employees quickly embraced the new and time-saving digital format that enabled them to participate in coaching while working from home. The resultant reduction in commuting has enabled Umanis to reduce its carbon footprint, in line with its CSR commitments.

Each employee can choose their coach before making an appointment and entering their objectives; this is all done directly on the platform for greater speed and flexibility.
The courses involve 8 individual coaching sessions, each lasting for an hour, with a certified and experienced MoovOne partner coach.

To ensure that sessions are efficient and relevant, all participants’ line managers are involved from the very beginning of the process. They help identify key areas for development and, at the half-way point, they review the progress participants have made towards their initial objectives

The coaching sessions focus around 3 main areas:

  • Support in starting in a new role
  • High potential management and development
  • Performance development

Covid-19 : new challenges


In 2020, the pandemic led Umanis to change the focus of its employee coaching to:

  • Respond to the operational emergency caused by the pandemic
  • Provide teams with the tools to work remotely
  • Identify best practices

Prior to this, coaching programs were designed to respond to an internal focus on long-term individual development, with objectives specific to each participant.
The Covid-19 pandemic forced Umanis to contend with an external and global crisis that required pragmatic short-term solutions to be found to respond to widespread issues:

  • Ensuring quality relationships between employees
  • Supporting performance and unifying teams
  • Reinventing customer relations

In total, 60 employees have received coaching since 2018.

Going forwards, in addition to the individual development programs that have become standard within the company, MoovOne will work with Umanis to provide group coaching to address post-pandemic challenges, reflecting the operational issues identified and reported by employees and managers.

New group coaching programs will be created to enable other participants to identify and share solutions as a group.

Key Figures

Recommandation client


of participants said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the support provided by their coach

Recommandation client


dedicated coaches work on projects with Umanis

« At Umanis, we are committed to unleashing the full potential of our employees

by offering them personalized and external support that is dedicated to their personal development and involves their managers.

This approach enables them to step back from their day-to-day roles so that they can focus on and improve their individual performance.
Our employees are unanimous about their coaches’ skills and expertise. The platform and the programs’ organization are intuitive, optimizing employee buy-in and the efficiency of the process. »

Eve Royer

Testimonials from program participants

« Thank you for this very timely coaching program: it gave me the courage to take a step back and consider my management style »

« It feels good to be able to take a step back and share »

Testimonials from line managers

« The participant is more confident and comfortable in her interactions. Her attitude has changed as a result of better stress management »

« My team member was more attentive, and more willing to work in a collaborative way »

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