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Find out how Groupe PSA incorporates coaching into its efforts to encourage leadership development and transformation.

About Groupe PSA

Present across the entire automotive value chain, Groupe PSA aims to become a leading car manufacturer and a provider of mobility solutions to enhance customers’ freedom of movement on a day-to-day basis and around the world.

The manufacturer has five car brands: Citroën, DS Automobiles, Peugeot, Vauxhall and Opel. In 2016, the company was the leading automotive manufacturer in France with a market share of 27.74% for the Citroën, DS and Peugeot brands. In Europe, Groupe PSA has the third largest market share with 9.73%.

The University in brief

Driven by the group’s desire to support all employees in its change process, the Groupe PSA University was launched in April 2010.

The aim is to develop an extended university by partnering with excellent schools around the world (engineering, business, humanities, etc.) to attract a wide range of talent. The extended university concept is built on long-term relationships with the academic community and the establishment of teaching and research chairs and laboratories (StelLabs), in partnership with the group’s Scientific Department.

Project background

At PSA, coaching is part of the overall approach to support leadership, based on Groupe PSA’s leadership model. Managers and employees with a transversal leadership role benefit from this opportunity for individual development

PSA Group turned to MoovOne for its digital coaching solution, which is part of its digital transformation process, launched several years ago. The coaching provided by MoovOne is therefore presented to employees as having significant added value. This coaching is available around the world and requires employees to have completed one of Groupe PSA’s leadership courses.

Various programmes have been launched: individual e-coaching programmes, as well as collective development programmes, among others.


Before their first coaching sessions, participants in individual programmes work with their line managers and their coaches to identify areas of improvement and clear objectives for optimal professional development. With the flexible MoovOne solution, participants enjoy particular independence: they can organise their sessions by videoconference wherever and whenever they want, thereby removing any risk of geographical issues for Groupe PSA.

Participants recommend coaching because it enables them to reflect on their own development and ask themselves the right questions. Participants also appreciate the rhythm of coaching sessions, something which helps them to maintain their focus on personal development. Sessions are held every 2 to 3 weeks to enable participants to put what they’ve learned into practice, with regular follow-ups to ensure that these new behaviours become well-established. Coaching provides them with a framework for development with methodological support and a flexible process.

MoovOne’s approach helps participants to embark on positive transformations and leaves them feeling more motivated. Employees have developed skills in results-based management, learned to build on their achievements and focused on their self-confidence and the way they communicate. After their coaching sessions, they notice a significant change in their way of working: they see this support as a real asset to their careers and benefit hugely from increased self-confidence.

In a nutshell

Recommandation client


of participants saw an improvement in their performance as a result of their coaching

Recommandation client


of participants put the action plans they developed during their coaching sessions into practice

Recommandation client


of participants developed an additional skill in relation to the objectives they set at the beginning of the process

The coaches

Participants can choose their coaches from a number of highly qualified coaches. MoovOne’s coaches clearly provide real satisfaction: 98% of participants are very satisfied, highlighting the coaches’ relevant and supportive contributions and questions which helped to strengthen the relationship.

Participants emphasise the listening skills and excellent advice of MoovOne’s empathetic coaches, who have 10 years of experience.

Coaches provide tools and educational materials which reflect participants’ objectives and manage to “create a close working relationship and a sense of trust while working remotely”.

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