MACSF supports managerial development

Thanks to MoovOne, dozens of managers at MACSF have had the opportunity to develop new skills in order to support the company’s transformation.

About MACSF 

MACSF is a mutual insurer managed by health professionals. MACSF is a leader on the market, and has gained the trust of over 950 000 clients over the years. The company counts more than 1500 employees and promotes values of humanism, responsibility and performance. The company offers products and services that address real customers’ needs by supporting them in the evolution of their jobs and projects.


MACSF wishes to offer its managers a dedicated support as part of the global transformation it undergoes. The aim is to enable skill development and allow its beneficiaries to thrive within an empowering framework. The company was looking for a solution that could adapt to its increasingly collaborative processes and its need for more mobility.


The beneficiaries of MoovOne’s digital coaching solution are all managers, located throughout France (at the headquarters, but also in the customer relations centers across the country). Thanks to the MoovOne solution, they receive personalized and targeted support, in order to help them improve their understanding of daily problems, be more efficient and support the company’s transformation. The digital aspect of the solution enables a better accessibility and a wider reach of managers wherever they are.

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Recommandation client


average progress on the goals set at the beginning of the coaching course

“Using e-coaching for managers is one of the tools that will allow us to support the group’s cultural transformation.

It will help us to favor the adoption of a new posture, where managers are more focused on coaching and relationships rather than on knowledge and expertise.”

Hugo - Equipe MoovOne : Coaching digital

Erika Sam
HR Development Manager

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