Engie GBS is boosting managerial and operational performance within the group

Discover how Engie GBS strenghtened managerial practices to support the transformation of the Group’s business units thanks to MoovOne.

About Engie GBS

Engie GBS is the Business Unit (BU) which provides Engie with functional support across the entire group. It assists the operational business units in their transformation. In these times of fast-paced change, the context is highly demanding for all their teams: transformation of the information systems and tools, introduction of remote work, process coding and digitalization, development of dynamic work spaces… The goal is to target continually higher levels of performance.


In order to support these transformations, Engie GBS wished to reinforce management practices. This required several actions, notably the development of collective intelligence and teams’ empowerment

The company launched the “Management 3.0” module in 2018 to train managers homogeneously. Over 25% of managers in this program already benefited from MoovOne’s individual coaching approach

Engie GBS opted for MoovOne’s solution for three reasons: simplicity, quality and cost.


The initiative to support Engie GBS’ managers has two aspects:

  • personal and skills development 
  • collective development.

MoovOne’s digital coaching solution builds into the first one. 

To help managers take ownership of the group’s Leadership Model, it has been translated into a set of concrete managerial practices.

The “GBS Manager” is a reflection of the combined profiles of the community of 200 managers. The GBS Manager 3.0 is agile in handling these three dimensions: 

  • The Manager as Pilot: guarantees the results and steers the activity using KPIs
  • The Manager as Leader: sets the vision and provides meaning for the teams 
  • The Manager as Coach: delegates responsibility, empowers team members and guarantees a harmonious working environment.

MoovOne provides coaching sessions that help managers and contribute to their mastering of these three dimensions. 

Along with their manager, participants will set areas of development and goals that include:

  • acting and shifting lines
  • delivering performance
  • preparing for the future
  • developing and empowering teams
  • adopting an inspiring posture. 

Coaching involves the beneficiaries’ line managers, inciting them to take their share of responsibility in the development of their team members


Participants can choose their coach, who are all highly experienced and certified, after viewing presentation videos and texts. They define areas of improvement prior to their coaching along with their line managers, and build them into the individual performance goals. 

The MoovOne approach allows them to commit to each session with as much autonomy and flexibility as possible. Thanks to the digital platform, they can book them according to their availabilities and connect with their coach easily thanks to videoconference.

Around 50 managers at Engie GBS already profited from these individual coaching courses.

Their course is made of 8 coaching session and a DISC personality profile.

The DISC is a personal assessment tool that studies behavioral and communication styles. It allows participants to adapt to the needs of their teams with an improved communication. This tool enables the coach to personalize his approach even more based on the information of the beneficiary’s DISC profile. 

Key figures

Recommandation client


of participants are satisfied with the Train&Coach program

Recommandation client


of participants are satisfied with the use of the platform

Recommandation client


of participants feel like they made significant progress on their goals

Thanks to MoovOne’s digital coaching solution, Engie GBS reinforced its managerial practices in order to support the transformation of the Group’s operational business units. 

The next steps include testing the solution on participants that are not managers, and working on building a collective training for the 200 managers in order to complement the current program!

“For managers, the main benefit was that they could develop their soft skills and leadership-related competencies.

They all really appreciated being able to plan their sessions whenever they wanted, with a lot of flexibility.”

Hugo - Equipe MoovOne : Coaching digital

Faroudja Kicher
Head of Human Resources and Transformation

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