Criteo is rolling-out a global coaching policy with MoovOne

For Criteo, this is a strategic move: the company’s goal is to give every manager the opportunity to receive coaching wherever they are, internally or externally when needed.

About Criteo

Criteo is a global leader in commerce marketing. The company uses machine-learning technology as well as data and performance at scale to deliver advertising innovation. Criteo has a workforce of +2700 employees, working in 30 offices worldwide in America, EMEA, Asia Pacific.


At Criteo, coaching is an important component of learning and development for people, managers and leaders. They are encouraged to develop a coach behavior to support their teams. It was essential to offer a unified and inclusive solution, with a global reach, all the while guaranteeing a qualitative, state of the art coaching practice.


Several dozen managers have already benefited from the Train&Coach digital solution. Criteo was able to roll-out coaching courses quickly and at scale, without compromising on the quality of the coaches nor on the methodological approach. Participants are engaged in the coaching process with tangible progress in behaviors and practices. The impact is measurable through the employee engagement survey.

Key Figures

Recommandation client


of participants satisfied or very satisfied with the approach

Recommandation client

8 countries

rolled-out the solution

Recommandation client


of progress on initial goals

“At Criteo, we acknowledge that coaching is an important component of learning and development for people, managers and leaders.

With MoovOne, we are solving a major stake. The goal is to roll-out a comprehensive coaching policy. We want to deliver this value proposition in an inclusive manner with a global reach, so that every eligible employee can benefit from it. Participants are engaged in the coaching process and we can observe tangible outcomes in desired behaviors.”

Hugo - Equipe MoovOne : Coaching digital

François Fournier
Global Learning & Management Development Director

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