CA Indosuez

CA Indosuez unleashes the potential of its managers with digital coaching, for all seniority levels

CA Indosuez, which initially sought targeted coaching for its new managers, has expanded its internal coaching programmes; they have had significant positive effects, transforming the entire company.

About CA Indosuez

CA Indosuez Wealth Management is the global wealth management brand of Crédit Agricole

It manages €128 billion in assets and employs 3,060 people in 13 regions (Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia Pacific). In France, it has more than 500 employees.

It helps families and business owners around the world to create, protect, manage and pass on their wealth.

Project background and challenges at CA Indosuez

CA Indosuez contacted MoovOne in 2017 after hearing about the excellent results of its digital coaching solutions in other Crédit Agricole companies.

CA Indosuez wanted to provide training courses for its new managers with a focus on soft skills, a priority area for Human Resources. The company saw digital coaching as being the most suitable solution to their needs and internal challenges with two main advantages: 

  • Coaching provides a customised approach for every manager involved in the programme. 
  • The digital nature of MoovOne’s solutions is more flexible and responsive: it provides a “glocal” service for teams based all over the world. 

The company had not provided coaching before: this was somewhat of a cultural barrier (and a source of apprehension) and needed to be overcome. However, participants’ ability to choose their own coach and the dynamics of digital coaching, which genuinely empowers participants to manage their own programme, quickly allayed any fears. 

In 5 years, two programmes have been rolled out to meet CA Indosuez’s changing needs.

MoovOne’s solutions

MoovOne established a programme for new and junior managers. The objectives: to ensure success when starting out in a new role, develop performance and empower managers.

MoovOne therefore rolled out an individual coaching format, Train & Coach, which involves completing a DISC profile, using theoretical resources (“train”) and attending 8 regular sessions of individual coaching (“coach”).

After positive feedback from participants, another programme was launched for experienced managers to develop their managerial skills.

Both these programmes evolved in real time, based on the interaction between participants and their chosen coaches.

What positive results were observed within the company? Better stress management, self-confidence, quality communications, quality management, improved ability to work together and more. Indeed, these positive results had an effect on the entire company, not just the participants in the coaching programmes.

I have received an increasing number of requests for skills development from the managers of the participants themselves. Line managers are particularly struck by the changes in their direct reports.”

Fannie Verdier

What’s next? Hybrid management and collective intelligence!

After asking managers to respond to a global engagement survey, CA Indosuez noted a demand for coaching in response to the rise of hybrid management, combining face-to-face and remote working. But there was also discomfort at a widespread silo mentality, making it difficult for different teams and departments to work together.

MoovOne’s response: the Train & Dev pedagogical format, inspired by co-development and designed to transform classic managers into managers as coaches. 6 participants from various departments discuss and share their experiences to co-develop a new managerial approach. This approach benefits from interaction among participants, which helps to create better co-operation and a sense of community.

This new programme is to be rolled out throughout the company, in France and elsewhere, thanks to its digital format!

Key figures

Recommandation client 100%

of participants are satisfied or very satisfied.

Recommandation client 75%

of participants make real progress towards the objectives set at the beginning of the programme.

“This has been one of the few times that participants have shared positive feedback with me completely spontaneously.

Many people have even told me that the programme has helped them in their personal lives: the programme’s tools help to transform the way they see things and respond.”

Fannie Verdier
Training Manager at CA Indosuez France


“MoovOne coaching helps to give you some perspective, both about your role and about people who you don’t immediately understand.
It also helped me to better understand how I function and so it boosted my self-confidence!”


“The MoovOne approach is customised and the coaching is very professional. The method is effective, I’m very satisfied. It felt like the experience was tailored to me and I appreciated that.”


“The participant enjoyed interacting with his trainer from the beginning and soon accepted and incorporated the suggested areas of development.
He has adopted a more collaborative approach during meetings.”

Participant’s Manager

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