Train&Dev: A Team Coaching Program Using Videoconference

A videoconference-based group course inspired by the concept of co-development and designed to enhance collective intelligence.

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How Does It Work?

With Train&Dev, companies can make collaboration and sharing part of their employees’ day-to-day, so that they can work more efficiently and reap the benefits of collective intelligence.  

Forming Groups

The HR manager chooses the participants for a Train&Dev group: peers who are facing the same professional challenges, though they may be located in different places around the world.

Introducing the Principles of Collective Intelligence

To ensure that the sessions go smoothly, the facilitator-coach will explain the ideas of active listening, non-judgemental attitudes and a light touch.

Videoconference-based Group Sessions

The participants and the facilitator-coach will meet regularly for interactive sessions lasting an hour and a half.

Useful Content

In addition to the discussions between the participants, the facilitator-coach provides tool sheets for skill development.

Taking Action and Feedback

Between sessions, the participants will put the action plans they worked on together into action and measure their progress with the group.

Calypso De Frondeville - HR Manager Lacoste - team coaching

“The Train&Dev experience was extremely enriching, both individually and collectively.

I experienced some exceptional moments with my colleagues, and I learned how to put my missions into perspective.”

Train&Dev, Our Team Coaching Offer, Is Based on 3 Principles

Collective Intelligence

A key success factor to foster team and organizational performance.


An effective way to help individuals work better together.

Behavior and Expertise of the Facilitator-Coach

To guarantee valuable discussions between peers and the overall success of the program.

Do You Want to Develop Collective Intelligence in Your Organization?

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