Train&Coach: An Individual Coaching Program Using Videoconference

An individualized videoconference-based coaching program that unleashes your managers’ potential. With Train&Coach, participants work individually with their coach to develop their skills by focusing on operational challenges.

3,500 Managers


92% of Participants

Say They Achieved Their Goals

+35% Progress

on Areas for Improvement

How Does It Work?

With Train&Coach, participants enjoy customized, personal support that helps them boost their performance.

Setting Participant Goals

Measurable and actionable, the goals are set in conjunction with line managers and HR representatives.

Choosing a Coach and Starting the Course

Participants choose their own coaches and schedule their first sessions on the platform. Then the coaching can begin!

Actionable Coaching

Coaches and participants work toward the goals set at the beginning of the course and develop between-session action plans. Coaches provide tool sheets to help participants progress more quickly.

Assessment and Oversight

At the end of the course, participants and their managers determine the effectiveness of the coaching, assess skill development and evaluate their coach.

Cynthia Mazri - Saint Gobain - Coaching individuel

“My coaching helped me become more assertive.

I was in the process of changing jobs and I was able to take up my new role with greater confidence and serenity.”

Coaching Themes Adapted to Your Managers’ Challenges


  • Gain leadership skills
  • Hold face-to-face interviews
  • Give regular feedback
  • Manage remotely
  • Drive change in your teams

Self-Confidence & Communication

  • Know your strengths to improve your performance
  • Assertiveness
  • Develop your listening skills
  • Influence and negotiate

Internal Mobility

  • Set objectives to evolve
  • Define your personal progress plan
  • Optimize your professional image
  • Make your internal career development a success

Professional Effectiveness

  • Get organized and save time
  • Learn how to prioritize
  • Hold effective meetings
  • Time management

Stress Management

  • Know how to take a step back, let go and put things in perspective
  • Develop workplace well-being
  • Use your energy in the best way possible on a daily basis
  • Enjoy your daily working life

Sales Management

  • Fundamental sales techniques
  • Manage a sales team
  • Define performance indicators
  • Learn to negotiate

Digital Transformation

  • Transform the way you work in the digital era
  • Gain flexibility
  • Structure remote working
  • Digitalize management and organization

Intercultural Management

  • Prepare for your big move
  • Adapt to a new cultural environment
  • Manage or work with international teams
  • Integrate with ease

Do You Want to Combine the Power of Coaching and Training?

Don’t wait any longer to unleash your managers’ potential!