Train&Coach: An Individual Coaching Program Using Videoconference

An individualized videoconference-based coaching program that unleashes your managers’ potential. With Train&Coach, participants work individually with their coach to develop their skills by focusing on operational challenges.

10,000 Managers


92% of Participants

Say They Achieved Their Goals

+73% Progress

on Areas for Improvement

What is individual coaching?

It’s a practice that allows individuals to unleash their potential to maximize their performance. Coaching is quite distinct from psychology in that it does not seek to heal emotional scars by analyzing and understanding the past. Rather, it is meant to support an individual over a limited period as she/he works to achieve one or more very precise goals. By giving priority to  “how” and not “how come”, individual coaching resolutely focuses on taking action and going forward.

How Does It Work?

With Train&Coach, participants enjoy customized, personal support that helps them boost their performance.

Setting Participant Goals

Measurable and actionable, the goals are set in conjunction with line managers and HR representatives.

Choosing a Coach and Starting the Course

Participants choose their own coaches and schedule their first sessions on the platform. Then the coaching can begin!

Actionable Coaching

Coaches and participants work toward the goals set at the beginning of the course and develop between-session action plans. Coaches provide tool sheets to help participants progress more quickly.

Assessment and Oversight

At the end of the course, participants and their managers determine the effectiveness of the coaching, assess skill development and evaluate their coach.

Cynthia Mazri - Saint Gobain - Coaching individuel

“My coaching helped with my self-confidence.

I was changing jobs at the time, and it allowed me to take this new position with more assertiveness. I used to see individual coaching a something mostly meant for top executives or high potentials. I felt like it was a mark of trust and gratitude from my manager.”

Who can benefit from individual coaching?

The common denominator behind any request to begin a coaching program, is the participant’s desire to evolve. When there’s a will, there’s a way!
Anyone, whether a young manager, an experienced head of department or a top executive, can nurture this desire to grow. Performance, communication and change management challenges operate at all hierarchical levels. The difference will lie in the manner in which the coaching is led and the themes addressed. The coach will adapt to the participant’s needs, treating each situation differently. With individual coaching, employees will learn to override their behavioral biases, free themselves from their self-imposed constraints and maximize their performance.

Coaching Themes Adapted to Your Managers’ Challenges


  • Adapt your management style to the context
  • Enhance team performance
  • Develop team member skills
  • Manage conflicts and tensions
  • Manage remote teams or in an international context

Communication & Leadership

  • Reinforce your leadership and capacity to federate
  • Communicate efficiently
  • Influence and convince
  • Demonstrate assertiveness
  • Inspire confidence and collaborate

Stress Management & Life Balance

  • Identify and deal with the factors that cause you stress
  • Understand and manage your emotions
  • Build up your self-confidence
  • Let go and put things into perspective
  • Refocus on yourself and take stock of your situation

Professional Effectiveness

  • Manage your time and priorities
  • Have a clear vision of your mission and fix your goals
  • Improve your productivity
  • Manage cross-functional projects
  • Deepen self-understanding to enhance your performance

Career Conversion & Advancement

  • Cultivate your professional image
  • Learn how to talk about yourself and gain in visibility
  • Recognize your potential
  • Adapt to new cultures and environments
  • Successfully manage your internal mobility

Supporting Change

  • Support your team during change
  • Dispel resistance to change
  • Nurture and facilitate innovation every day
  • Gain in agility and flexibility
  • Adopt a client-oriented posture

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