Spark Collective Intelligence.

Drive Transformation.

Leverage collective intelligence, foster cooperation and value creation and drive sustainable change in your organization through an approach inspired from codevelopment.

They chose MoovOne Collective Coaching Frameworks:

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Transformation is a Mindset


Transformations fail

McKinsey 2019


Executive leadership teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy

HBR 2020


Employees declare collaboration has an impact on productivity and knowledge sharing

Ipsos 2018

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10 000+


Leverage the Power of Collective Intelligence

Like over 60% employees, we believe that collaborative work directly impacts creativity, motivation, problem solving and productivity (Ipsos, 2018).
We believe in collective intelligence and that its power exceeds individual will.
By simply talking about our lives and challenges with people who understand us, we can overcome so much! This is why we created our collective frameworks.

Collective frameworks are meant to :

Solve professional challenges through the feedback and experience of peers

Boost collective intelligence

Focus on taking action and going forward

Anchor sustainable change in behaviour and stance


Get the Best Out of Your Teams with Train&Dev

What is it ?

A codevelopment coaching framework dedicated to sharing best practices between peers and solving organizational issues in a sustainable way.

What is it for ?

Break company silos and promote cross-cultural exchange

Develop new skills and increase professional efficiency

Strengthen participants’ sense of belonging

We received were extremely positive feedback from all participants. We felt that we were able to develop the strong connections that we wanted between peers worldwide.
Tristan Dubois

Former Market & Distribution HR Director, Lacoste


participants were very satisfied with the insights from their peers

Our employees are unanimously enthusiastic about their coaches’ skills and expertise. The platform and the programmes’ organization are intuitive, optimizing employee buy-in and process efficiency.
Eve Royer

HR Director, Umanis


participants could implement concrete solutions after the coaching



Provide Situational Support with Co&Moov

What is it ?

A situational coaching framework supporting peers in navigating critical situations or topics.

What is it for ?

Mobilize collective intelligence to answer to a shared problem

Reduce conflict, anxiety and feelings of isolation among your employees

Create a collaboration culture

Julie Aveillan

Global People Development Manager – Believe

Since we launched their solution in 2020, our partnership with MoovOne is a true ongoing success! Feedback is excellent and we have quickly seen the coaching’s positive impact on our managerial practices. MoovOne is a true partner helping us maximize results and ensure the programme’s success in the long term.

Need an Expert Opinion ?

How Does It Work ?

Our approach is the result of the programme design work of our teams of coaching experts.
Our team of Client Success Partners will support you in managing, monitoring and ensuring your project’s success.


Forming Groups

With the support of our Customer Success Team, the HR manager selects the participants based on their hierarchical level, challenges and other criteria.


Introducing the Principles of Collective Intelligence

To ensure that the sessions go smoothly, the facilitator-coach explains the ideas of active listening, non-judgemental attitudes and a light touch.


Videoconference-based Group Sessions

The facilitator-coach provides structure to enable speaking, listening, reflection and action from all participants.


Useful Content

In addition to the discussions between the participants, the facilitator-coach provides tool sheets for skill development.


Taking Action and Feedback 

Participants put in practice the action plans they worked on and measure their progress with the rest of the group.

Provide Your Teams with the Right Tools to Face Daily Challenges

Break silos & create proximity

Integrate a sustainable community of professional exchanges

Allow participants to have a dedicated collective time space

Create lasting links between peers

Leverage diversity, take a step back and gain perspective

Solve real pains

Solve concrete professional challenges thanks to the peers’ feedback

Find operational answers through the power of collective intelligence

Generate confidence about the issues

Fight against isolation

Foster a culture a continuous improvement

Share best practices and options around a common theme

Discover the coach behaviour and put it into practice

Develop a collaborative attitude, an ability to co-create and interpersonal skills

Develop the capacity for active listening

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