A Results-Oriented Executive Coaching Methodology

Combining coaching and training, the MoovOne methodology offers a unique approach to skill development that helps managers improve their performance and unleash their potential.

100+ Tool Sheets

to Supplement Our Coaching

+40% Skill Development

on Initial Goals

2/3 of Action Plans

Achieved in 2 Weeks

The MoovOne Methodology

At MoovOne, we want each and every manager to enjoy a simple, practical, accessible and extremely effective coaching experience. That is why we developed a unique methodology that combines coaching and training in a fully digitalized environment. The pillars of our approach are:

  • High standards when selecting our coaches, who are all certified, experienced and well-versed in digital methods.
  • State-of-the-art theoretical content and tool sheets to support our coaching,  that we always contextualize and adapt to individual needs.
  • The chance for our participants to work one-on-one with their coaches and to learn from others by harnessing the power of collective action.
  • A focus on action, so that participants can put what they learned into practice straight away, thus creating lasting change.

This is the kind of coaching managers need: unwaveringly practical, yet uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our offers.

Hugo Manoukian CEO of MoovOne

Our Methodology Supports the Achievement of Operational Goals

Fixer le cap : coaching managérial

Set a Course

To guarantee engagement and motivation from participants, they decide what they want to achieve with their coaching program.

S'exercer : coaching managérial

Work Hard

Overcoming limits and learning new ideas are the first steps on the path to success.

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Put It into Action

This is the moment of truth: putting new learning into action with help from the coach.

Individual or Collective Development

Our two offers blend coaching with training for exceptional results

  • Train&Coach

  • $0/mo
  • totoUnleashing Individual Potential

    • Setting individual goals with the coach
    • Solving operational problems
    • Using tool sheets to achieve faster progress
    • Evaluating progress regularly to measure impact

  • Train&Dev

  • $0/mo
  • totoDeveloping Collective Intelligence

    • Solving the problems of every participant as a group
    • Developing active listening and collaboration
    • Using tool sheets to improve faster
    • Creating lasting relationships between peers

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