Juliette Vigneault-Dubois, Certified Coach

What was your professional background before becoming a professional coach?

My academic training is in International Relations and I worked in the public and private sector after my studies. Before becoming a coach I was Key Account Manager in Germany for a Japanese company in the field of electronic components. I was working with clients from all over Europe. Before that I worked in a consultancy that focused on social and environmental responsibility along the textile supply chain. I was also a consultant in an International Organization in the field of results-based management and training.

When did you decide to turn to coaching?

It was my birthday, ten years ago. I was working in Sales at that time. I did a coaching exercise with myself. It’s called “The Rocking Chair”. You imagine to turn 80 or 90 and you sit in this rocking chair looking back at your life. You look at all the things you are grateful for, all milestones and important experiences and learnings. And you also check in if there are any regrets. My regret in that moment was not having studied Psychology. I wanted to help others lead a fulfilled life and have good relationships. And I wanted to do that fulltime. Luckily, I did not turn 80 yet and could create the life that I wanted and adjust my professional path. Shortly after I signed up for my first coaching training. During the first hours of training I knew: this is where my heart and home is. This is where I belong. Many trainings followed and I built my coaching practice step by step over the last decade.

What kind of people do you coach? On what stakes?

I work with inspiring leaders from all around the world. Many of these leaders work and live abroad or work with international and sometimes remote teams. I also work directly with international teams who want to improve the way they communicate and collaborate to create meaningful results.


Together with my clients we work around diverse leadership and management topics:

       finding their own leadership style that matches their own values and the values of their companies
       how to communicate with and motivate and engage different personality types
       how to communicate effectively and convince others
       how to delegate and manage stressful situations better
       we discuss the importance of diversity and how to build an open culture
       emotional intelligence
       how to adapt your management style to different cultures…

How can coaching help participants achieve their goals? What are the results?

Coaching is such a great way of asking thought provoking questions and finding your right answers. It is a collaborative, reflective and creative process that brings you from where you are to where you want to be. You look at things from different perspectives and create meaningful actions.

Most leaders I work with have such a full agenda that it is a gift to have this regular space of reflection. They appreciate having an encouraging sound board that offers open ears and compassion mixed with experience, practical tools and scientifically proven approaches that they can easily apply. And the element of accountability and regular exchange is important to get things started and to stay on track.  


Some of the results are:

       higher self-awareness,
       better communication with others for instance through more assertiveness or more empathy,
       an improvement of their own leadership and the performance of their team,
       creatively handling change processes,
       introducing transformative ideas into their workspace,
       deepening the collaboration with different cultural business partners,
       helping other team members to grow and unleash their potential …

What is your best success story with MoovOne?

I worked with a great leader last year. Caring, highly ambitious, eager to learn and very committed to her own growth and the growth of her team. It was a delight to work with her and see her grow and reach the results she wanted.

In a more and more competitive market and during challenging times for the team and the company she managed to increase team performance and reached a better work life balance at the same time.

She became more assertive in negotiations and gentler with herself. Her new clear posture helped her say yes or no to the right things. She was also able to delegate more which had a positive impact on her team.

The approach we used was Train&Coach. We discussed the topics that my client brought to each session, I asked her questions around her values, visions and goals and mirrored back what I saw and understood, she deepened her learning and understanding of herself, and I also introduced numerous tools that helped her to build a sustainable structure that lasted beyond the coaching.

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