Who are our Coaches?

Our community of more than 150 coaches is spread across 5 continents and collectively mastering 28 languages. We ensure the excellence of their practice: all are certified, supervised, experienced and rigorously selected. In our community we promote collective intelligence through regular events and daily discussions.

Selection and Education of our Coaches

We set a rigorous selection process: our coaches must be certified by an international federation (ICF, EMCC or SFC) and must have gone through training from an accredited coaching school. We also request that they have 10 years of business expertise at a management position and over 500 hours of coaching. Beyond these criteria, we want our coaches to share our values and be familiar with remote coaching.

We provide continuous training to our methodology to ensure quality coaching for every participant. Moreover, we organize webinars and physical meetings between our coaches to create connections and trust, share good practices and foster collective progress. We regularly offer Intervision modules and 4 Supervision sessions per year with certified supervisors to all our coaches. 

Discover some Executive Coaches

Isabelle Alpi certified MoovOne coach

Isabelle Alpi


Isabelle has been a professional business and executive coach for over 10 years. She is accredited by the EMCC and works internationally in 3 languages. What makes her special comes from her two-fold education (engineering and psychology) which complements a business experience already dedicated to improving the performance of leaders and organisations.

Her coaching toolbox includes transactional analysis, nonviolent communication, rogerian listening, systemic theory, NLP and positive psychology. Isabelle is also founder and past president of EMCC Italy, as well as assessor for EMCC Intl’s accreditations.

Erik Dufour coach certifié MoovOne

Erik Dufour

Erik is a DISC-certified, PPC coach. Erik brings an essential dimension to better face the challenges of today’s organizations: emotional and relational skills, that managers do not always possess! Communication and self-knowledge have been at the heart of his coaching background. He uses powerful and decisive tools in supporting his clients overcome their challenges. His coaching experience takes root in more than 2 300 hours of practice with leaders, managers and teams.

Katie Smith certified MoovOne coach

Katie Smith

Katie holds her ACCP certification from Coach U and a PCC through the ICF.

As an Executive Coach & Career Coach, Katie works with senior executives, managers, and professionals who want to become more productive in their current role, become more inspiring leaders, improve their work satisfaction by aligning their work more closely with their values and seek new career opportunities. In addition to individual coaching, Katie conducts group coaching to support leadership development, team building and collaboration. She is a mentor coaches and works with coaches interested in applying for certification.

Nathalie Ducray certified coach MoovOne

Nathalie Ducray


Coach since 2009, Professional Certified Coach by the ICF (PCC), Nathalie has initially 15 years corporate background as key account manager and team manager. She is now providing coaching and training, both in English and French, to individuals and teams in transformation, integrating a systemic approach in her work. Change management, leadership and people management, work/life balance, relationship management (1 to 1 or in groups) are some of the topics often brought to coaching by her clients.

Carolina Zorrilla certified MoovOne coach

Carolina Garcia Zorrilla


Carolina is a Certified Professional Coach and Accredited Coach by the ICF. She has extensive corporate experience in medium and large corporations across six different countries in managerial and executive positions. For more than a decade, she has coached senior managers across different industries in performance and leadership development. Through a unique facilitated process, she empowers her clients to build a success mindset, strengthen their leadership skills and build an implementation plan that produces sustainable results.

Thierry Lesage certified MoovOne coach

Thierry Lesage

Thierry is an ICF-Certified Coach, and proficient in many tools in the field of coaching and business training. However, for Thierry, knowledge and mastery of the tools are useless if the emotional, relational and mutual trust dimensions are not present. Without them, the coaching goals will be impossible to reach! His possesses essential qualities such as  of empathy, listening and openness, which allow managers to progress in a setting that leads to personal development. He is fundamentally convinced that every individual has a great untapped potential in him!

Ingrid Gras certified MoovOne coach

Ingrid Gras

Ingrid is a professional coach and trainer, certified PCC by the ICF. After a career in the luxury hotel industry as a training manager, Ingrid provides individual and group coaching. She offers training on leadership development, management techniques and professional effectiveness. She supported employees when taking over a new job, managing their career and developing their leadership skills. Ingrid is passionate about transmitting knowledge and developing collective intelligence. She strives to use her open-mindedness and her coaching skills to help her clients reach their objectives.

Gwendolynn Monnot certified MoovOne coach

Gwendolynn Monnot


Gwendolyn is a Franco-American certified Coach and has been coaching Managers and Executives from large corporations to achieve measurable results and ambitious goals for 15 years. Career coaching, personal and professional efficacy, intercultural change management and building closer bonds between virtual team members are all part of Gwendolyn’s professional expertise.

After an early career in managerial roles in operational marketing, Gwendolyn transitioned to Coaching, a change fuelled by her desire to leverage cultural differences and to help professional men and women gain in efficiency and in overall well-being.

Meiling Canizares certified MoovOne coach

Meiling Canizares


Meiling is a Professional Coach, with ACC certification by the ICF and a focus on leadership and career. She has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources, having held positions of HR management and participated in executive committees. Her key topics for coaching are : leadership skills, leadership passages, assertive communication, strategic planning, building of high performance teams, change management, organizational climate and culture, emotional intelligence, time management, cultural diversity management and matrix organizations.

Rainer Nahrgang certified MoovOne coach

Rainer Nahrgang


State-certified Business Manager and certified Human Resources Manager, Rainer has 25 years of work experience in an international corporation. He has a comprehensive experience in human resources and in the management of international HR projects and processes. He is an ICF certified coach with extensive experience in coaching of executives and managers of all levels, trainings for leadership, digital and remote management, communication, time- and self-management. He is also DISC certified and provides 360-degree feedback debriefing.

Pin Hsuan certified coach MoovOne

Pin Hsuan Chen


Pin Hsuan is a Professional Coach, with PCC certification by the ICF. Over 2,500 coaching hours, Pin Hsuan is a highly experienced executive and transformational leadership coach. Her coaching is backed by over 25 years of international business experience. Pin Hsuan’s leadership experience within the corporate arena enables her to understand the issues that many executives face when leading organizational and individual transformation, and support them to explore their potentials as well as strengthen their inner power. She is passionate about working with emerging leaders to help them expand their capacities and broaden their visions for a higher impact.

Maggie Joao certified MoovOne coach

Maggie João


Maggie is a Coach since 2008 and holds the ICF PCC credential and the EMCC Individual Accreditation at Senior Practitioner. She has 12 years of corporate experience in management, after taking her Engineering MSc. from Portugal and Sweden. Maggie is certified in Executive Coaching, Coaching Supervision, and 360 Assessments, having ~2000 coaching hours. Maggie provides individual coaching, mentor coaching, supervision and training, all over the world, on areas such as leadership, change and team management and communication. Her clients appreciate her pragmatism, client focus, and the support and serenity that characterises her practise.

Meet our referring coachs

Catherine Kerckove certified MoovOne coach

Catherine Kerckove

EMCC certified coach, Catherine has 20 years of experience in industry and international services.


Juliette Vignault certified coach MoovOne

Juliette Vigneault

As a certified PCC coach by the ICF, Juliette was previously a Key Account Manager for a Japanese company.


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