Catherine Kerckove, Certified Coach

What was your professional background before becoming a professional coach?

I have a business background. My international experience of more than 20 years in industry and services happened in very small, medium to large enterprise. I had the chance to work in very diverse functions : from Sales, Procurement, Strategic Marketing, to Communication, Human Resources, Major Accounts, Global Programs, Management, Strategy, being part of the Board…

In my last job, I was in charge of the Training Program for an entity of 1,000 employees across 42 countries, including multicultural management aspects. Catalyst for change, I did lead and facilitate team cohesion on big strategic projects, as well as a « Culture change » for the company.

When did you decide to turn to coaching?

In my private life, I have supported high-potential individuals who did not fit into the traditional mold of education. I’ve tried to help them achieve their goals by showing them a different path. At one point, I felt the need to find consistency between my professional life and my personal life. I received coaching, and that’s what made me become Learning & Development Manager at Hewlett Packard. I set up coaching and mentoring programs at HP, and decided to go back to school for a year to receive training to become a certified coach.

What kind of people do you coach? On what stakes?

Today, I put this experience at the service of leaders and managers as a coach and trainer. I support them on building managerial posture, team cohesion and corporate culture. I help them to drive change, meet challenges, develop autonomy and increase performance. I strive to reveal talents and to allow everyone to find meaning in what they do. The goal is help individuals to do more and better while finding joy and pleasure.

How can coaching help participants achieve their goals? What are the results?

Coaching is a form of support designed to help individuals define and reach their goals. These goals can be to solve a challenge, to manage change or to increase performance. Through questioning, I strive to help individuals to find their answers, to identify and overcome personal limitations, and to start moving toward their goals. This implies raising awareness and building action plans. Coaching is limited in time and action-oriented. It starts with understanding the situation to decide how I want to manage it, and how I can move forward. This is what make it so personalized and effective, on the condition that the participant is engaged and willing.

What is your best success story with MoovOne?

3 years ago, I coached F. He was going through a difficult time personally, dealing with sick family members. Professionally, he was going through a tough time as well: corporate reorganization, frequent job changes, conflicts in the workplace.

My coaching was focused on rebuilding his self-esteem and self-confidence. It lasted 10 months, at the end of which F regained confidence, found the energy to undertake new challenges and to change his posture.

This is a success story in several respects: F has gone from feeling like a victim to a place where he took his future into his own hands. He gained in assertiveness and embarked on new projects. From a coaching perspective, I had to find the right balance between empathy and keeping enough distance to be in the best position to support F and help him move forward.

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