Promoting a Culture of Diversity

Lack of diversity or the inability to promote it hinders performance.

How can we get moving to create a culture of diversity and inclusion?

We Support Them in Promoting a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion:

“Companies with greater diversity see their performance increase by 35%.

– MCKINSEY, 2018

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How MoovOne Helps Create a Culture of Diversity

Combining coaching and training, MoovOne offers a unique approach that helps organizations unleash their human potential.

Developing women’s leadership

Adapting to a multicultural environment

Cultivating inclusion in one’s environment

A Proven Solution with Tangible Results


Increase in Confidence

MoovOne coachees feel more confident in their ability to succeed in their role


Improvement in Soft Skills

MoovOne coachees find significant improvement in their Leadership, Communication & Organisational skills


Increase in Retention

Employees declare to feel significantly more attached to their job following a MoovOne coaching

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Eiffage Énergie Systèmes Supports Women Leadership with MoovOne


The digital transformation initiated years ago within the Eiffage Group has prompted Eiffage Ènergie Systèmes to turn to innovative learning methods.

The Group has launched a women’s leadership program as part of its policy to develop gender diversity within the management.


MoovOne digital coaching perfectly answers the client’s needs, because of its adaptability to each person’s needs, but also because of the great flexibility granted to the participants.

Our teams are very pleased with the straightforward application of coaching to their daily lives.

Anna Kuzminska

HR Development Manager


participants are satisfied or very satisfied

eiffage energie systemes

The 3 Pillars of our Solution: Coaches, Frameworks and Platform

The Best Community of Professional Coaches

Because we take professional coaching very seriously, we select the coaches to support your teams.

A Diversity of Coaching Frameworks to Meet your Challenges

Group or individual coaching, flash or development frameworks… The diversity of our coaching frameworks guarantees the most relevant support for your people.

The Most Complete Coaching Platform

Our platform is made for businesses; it combines performance and ease of use to create a memorable coaching experience.

Promoting a Culture of Diversity, One Step at a Time

We engineered our programme approach to design a unique solution tailored to your needs.
Our team of Client Success Partners will support you in managing, monitoring and ensuring your project’s success.


and Identify

your key challenges, existing processes and the target teams to be supported


and Implement

the best programmes to reach your goals


and Roll Out

projects hand in hand with our Client Success Partners


and Monitor

your employees’ progress, in real time


and Improve

your programmes’ impact, through standard and custom KPIs

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The Most Complete Coaching Platform

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