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skills of the future

Watch this live chat replay to get insights into the essential skills of the future for individuals, teams and companies. Explore how to adopt these skills through learning and development so that your company can stay competitive, in times of crises and beyond.

Agile Leadership

In this guide you’ll discover the unique features of Agile organisations and a 5-step methodology to become an Agile Leader.

Visuels Webinar site web Marleen

In this webinar you’ll discover the impact of MoovOne digital coaching, a new digital approach to support and empower your teams.

Webinar MoovOne

In this webinar you’ll discover how to cope with a continuously VUCA world and stay engaged, productive and collaborative in these difficult times.

Infographic post lockdown

In this infographic you’ll discover how to bounce back, project yourselves and build the future when it is so unpredictable.

Visuels Webinar Juliette Vigneault

In this webinar you will discover how to find work-life balance in confinement and fight isolation.

Managing in a crisis webinar MoovOne

In this webinar you will discover how to stay engaged, productive and collaborative, and how to manage remotely.


Download this Infographic and discover how to give feedback constructively and learn to receive it.

Between stereotyped misconceptions and growing popularity, coaching is a divisive subject. With this guide, we wish to respond to the various objections that are often opposed to coaching, in order to reveal its true potential and encourage its more widespread adoption!
Download this Infographic and discover how to support your key people to ensure the success of your transformation.

Today, women are still underrepresented at key positions within companies. To close this gap, companies, and chiefly their HR departments, have to take action. In this context, what levers must be activated to support women and to enable them to unleash their potential?

In 2019, employees are massively turning away from careers in management: 79% have no desire to become managers. Since this management crisis is affecting individual performance, what are the keys to overcome it?
Only 28% of employees declare that they work in a collaborative way: without it, there can be no collective intelligence, an essential way to create value and bring meaning to interactions. What can we do to spark collective intelligence and support organizational transformations?

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