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« We decided to launch a digital executive coaching program with MoovOne because we have the deep conviction that collective intelligence can effectively develop our employees. »


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I used to see executive coaching as something mostly meant for top executives or high potentials. I was changing jobs at the time, and this experience allowed me to take on this new position with more assertiveness and confidence.

Cynthia Mazri – HR Business Partner – Saint-Gobain

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Unleash human potential with a premium digital coaching experience. 

In 2015, two brothers, Hugo and Axel Manoukian, and their father, Alain, had an idea: to improve access to coaching by digitizing it, thus ensuring that as many people as possible can benefit from it and providing better support for companies’ transformations.

Since then, we have helped many companies to transform at individual, collective and organizational levels by developing coaching programs that are tailored to their challenges, their people and their culture.

Our constantly evolving digital platform makes it quick, easy and efficient to roll out programs around the world.Our approach is resolutely results-oriented: 99% of participants recommend MoovOne coaching.

Today, more than 10,000 people have been coached in more than 30 languages and more than 200 companies have chosen our solution, 70% of which are listed on the CAC 40.

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We answer all your questions about executive coaching

Why choose executive coaching ?

Every employee is unique, with individual qualities, abilities, areas for improvement and ways of working.

With executive coaching, your company’s employees can benefit from sessions that are entirely tailored to their needs, focusing on objectives that have been identified in advance by HR and line managers, all in a safe environment with an attentive coach they can trust.

Who is executive coaching for ?

Contrary to popular belief, executive coaching is not just for leaders or managers.
MoovOne’s coaching begins with a detailed analysis and assessment of your requirements and the challenges facing your company; these insights help identify the professionals who need support, regardless of their departments or positions within the company’s hierarchy.

What training is required to become an executive coach ?

Successful coaches are experts: they don’t just learn on the job! Today, many accredited international schools and associations offer certified training to become a coach.

How are MoovOne’s coaches chosen ?

All of MoovOne’s coaches have trained at an accredited coaching school. They have all received individual certification from one of the 3 most widely recognized international bodies (the ICF, or International Coaching Federation, the EMCC or the SFC) and have a minimum of 500 hours’ coaching experience.

To ensure that our coaches truly understand your challenges, we require at least 10 years’ experience in business, ideally in management positions (as consultants, executives, senior executives, CEO, etc.).

What are the benefits of digital executive coaching ?

Our coaches are trained to quickly develop a close working relationship with participants, despite the distance, putting employees at ease so that they forget all about the screen that separates them.

The digital format makes it possible for employees to attend sessions wherever and whenever they want, whether they are working in the office or from home. Participants can schedule sessions on the platform, while HR managers can use the platform to access an overview of every participant’s progress.

How can I choose the right executive coaching format ?

All of MoovOne’s coaching programs are tailored to your objectives and challenges.

We offer individual and group coaching in two formats: short-term situational coaching to help one or more employees deal with a specific situation and developmental coaching to ensure a higher level of employee performance in the long term. Together, we choose the right format for your needs.

What are the benefits of executive coaching in comparison to traditional training ?

Unlike a training course that focuses on theory, participants play an active role in executive coaching because the focus is on their areas of improvement.

A coach is not there to tell people what to do, to teach theoretical knowledge or to mentor employees; instead, a coach helps unleash individual potential by using questions, resources and tools.

Is coaching like psychology ?

A coach is a guide, not a psychologist or a therapist. A coach’s goal is not to analyze participants’ personalities; instead, a good coach helps participants understand who they are and how they work and provides guidance about what needs to be done to guarantee progress.

How can I measure the impact of digital coaching on my employees ?

Each coaching course includes a phase to identify goals and objectives on our platform, firstly by the employee’s line manager and then by the employee. At the end of the course, they review these objectives to see what progress has been made.

These objectives are specific and include observable situations and result indicators. They can be accessed throughout the course by the coach and the employee.

Can I work with MoovOne if I already have internal coaches ?

We can adapt to any type of HR structure for employee training, including existing organizations and structures. We can therefore develop a coaching program that will complement your existing offering, without competing with it.

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